So whats been going on in our world this week?

Saturday saw us engineer another gig for the fabulous Blunter Brothers. Much time was spent isolating a problem with one of the Graphic EQs but in the end problem solved or rather re routed 😉

Excellent show as usual, this time in a converted barn. Acoustically challenging containing the drums whilst riding the vocals, no 2 live shows are the same and thats why we love it!


We also added a new member to the AAA family

Getting our mobile recording equipment from A to B in style 🙂

We have been working on all manor of projects this week from ‘No Strings Attached’, a 5 piece acapella ensemble to ‘Captain Fantastic’, tracks for the UKs No. 1 childrens entertainment company and as always we’ve loved every minute. Made really good use of the Waves Renaissance series of Plug Ins particularly on a couple of vocal tracks, definately recommend getting hold of these if you can as well as the One Knob Series

And theres been some great debates and conversations going on on social media. One in particular regarding how to ready track if you are sending it off for mastering. We’d suggest having the Master Bus free from Plugs, others would disagree, worth a read, what do you think?

We’ve been working on the website too, Its much more in keeping with what we’re about, we really hope you like it. As always we’ve been keeping our Facebook page stocked with useful articles from the world of music production so if you haven’t already go like us here :

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Until next time 😉

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