Hi & welcome to another AAA Sound Design Blog

I have plenty of content I am looking forward to sharing with you guys including useful video tutorials, tips and tricks & my take on experiences in the world of sound design and production. In the interest od not boring you with the tone of my voice (even if it is a virtual one) I’d like to invite you to contribute posts to feature on my blog

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or new to the world of blogging each of you will have something useful to contribute that your fellow sound designers would probably love to read, comment on and discuss. they may even disagree with what you’ve said but thats the beauty of blogging, it enables healthy discussion. Just like in the real word not everyone will or should agree on everything

If you are keen to contribute an article I’d suggest it is no longer than 500 words, no shorter than 300. All I ask is that the article you write is kept within the broad subject of sound design. It could be an experience on one of your projects or an opinion on the industry or it could just be that you’ve got an interesting viewpoint on something that others may relate to or engage with?

I want the blog to be yours, I’m not planning to moderate it but I would like it to read like a blog to maintain readers interest. I am happy to give potentail bloggers a few do’s and don’ts and I will supply a template if needed?

So there you go, a platform for you to share anything sound design. I will be posting Guest Blogs every Sunday so please subscribe to the blog and get in touch ASAP if you’re interested with a brief outline of what you want to blog about, subscribe & email me via the blog @ www.aaasounddesign.com

I look forward to hearing from you : )


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