Neil 2Hi.

I’m Neil, CEO and founder of AAA Sound Design. I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope you enjoy being a part of my blogging community

So a bit about me, I’m 36 and currently reside near Brighton in South East England. I have been a sound designer for a good few years now but I have always had a vested interest and passion for music

In my mid 20s I was in an indie band ‘Mainestreet’ & whilst we never reached the heady heights of fame I had a great time making music with friends and playing to thousands of people all over the country. It also gave me an insight into the music industry and although I didn’t know it then the seeds of my current venture were already sewn

After the band split (acromoniously I might add) I travelled for a few years around Australia and Portugal engaging my other passion surfing. It was whilst sitting ‘out back’ I had various moments of realisation that have led me to follow the path I have taken today

Along the way I have learnt from a number of individuals whom I have grown to admire and respect beyond words, namely:

Dan Swift, Head Engineer at Brighton Electric Studios and responsible for recordings for Snow Patrol / Kasabian (to name but a few, the list goes on). It was here I learnt the workings of a studio and tried and tested practices handed down from Producer to Producer from the early days of recording to now. An invaluable experience that tought me the practices required to get a great recording and the mixing involved to turn the recording into a record

Paul Waller at Garnish & Producer for acts from Massive Attack to Bjork, very much a pioneer in the early days of Digital Production. It was through Paul I learnt to harness the power of digital effects, synths and plug ins to reinforce soundscapes and really bring them to life. It was here that I developed my Sound Design skills within the digital realm and this led me to start AAA Sound Design.

This mix of anologue and digital is where I see the future of music. I don’t believe anologue music will go away anytime soon and I do believe the digital age should be embraced. I for one am very excited about the future of Sound Design and I aim to share with you some of what I have learnt along the way and I’d invite you to do the same in the AAA community



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