A Haunting In Connecticut Trailer

A Haunting In Connecticut Trailer

June 18, 2014

The sound design in this is all about the atmosphere. I had 3 minutes to set the tone of the film so I went all out to create an atmosphere of suspense and fear. I began by setting up the tempo for the trailer. It has an obvious progression from a fairly slow tempo to an increase towards the end as the trailer reaches its finale. I used my FX library to add various effects to the timeline. I used a fair amount of reverb to add to the suspense and give them an eerie space. I also used a lot of panning and automation to create rapid movements to fit with the visuals. For the sound of the ghostly presecence I actually used an animal growl and timestretched it to give it its ghostly sound. I used the natural tempo from the trailer to map to my soundtrack so the soundtrack moves with the action. This worked out very effective and the sound design definately compliments the action onscreen



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