Beauty School Drop Out Trailer

Beauty School Drop Out Trailer

August 10, 2015

I decided fairly early on that I wanted the protagonists various tools to take on the sounds of various weapons. I used my FX library to put the various weapons on the timeline with the visual and then I used spacial plug ins to put these weapons in specific places. I added reverbs to further enhance this. I then created a Beat and soundtrack around the action. The tempo is actually out of time with the various ‘weapon’ visuals but I decided to go with the tempo and not the visuals. The soundtrack is modern and driving which is what I was going for, the target audience must be able to relate to the music. I used Sylenth to create the bassline and synth parts, I then added a few stabs and orchestral parts for more depth. I used a fair bit of automation and a mastering chain to bring the elements together. I was really happy how this one turned out



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