Astray – Alan A

Astray – Alan A

January 12, 2015

Alan A – ‘is a singer and songwriter based in London who has, over the years, produced an interesting blend of sexually explorative, witty, satirical, yet sharp-edged pop music. Born in France, Alan shares his birth-date, 8th January, with the likes of big names such as Elvis Presley and David Bowie. Coincidence or not, his songs certainly carry a unique edge willing to stand the test of time. While many love songs provide just about enough dose of sadness or sweetness to soothe you into a gradual lull, Alan A. grooves his way in with more rumbling undertones of acceptance (“So What?”), major gay men problems (“Dick”), or the frustrating dilemmas of sexual identity (“Come Over”). Alan A. confidently struts his cheekiness through his songs, encouraging people to embrace their individuality. His work is catchy, quirky, and infectious enough to have mass appeal, yet attractive to even the most critically discerning music lover. Commercial acumen and a sharp originality combine very well in his songs, and there are many who will not only enjoy but also remember his work’

I was contacted by Alan A and asked to produced his Album ‘Astray’. Really enjoyed getting my teeth into this one, its an album full of classic synth pop mixed with a take on sexual identity. Its quirky and cool and I wanted this to come across in the production. The arrangments I was sent to work with were ok but lacked professional production and werent doing the tracks any justice. I worked with Alan on these tracks to bring them to life, the results of which you can find on the Alan A website

Heres a sneaky peak of a track off the album ‘Excuse My french’


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