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I’d like to use this post to talk about an issue that has directly affected me of late. My blog is relatively new, I’m trying to build up a community of individuals with similar interests interested in Sound Design and all aspects  this broad subject encompasses. I am lucky enough to have learnt my skills from skilled producers but I realise that in the various groups of Sound Designers gathered on Various Social Media platforms there are many who are in the infancy of sound design

I post to social media regularly and I have been criticised and accused of spamming on a few occasions. I take this a bit personally as I don’t want to give that impression to people. The question is when does my content or anyone in my positions content become spam?

I post links to useful tutorials, tips and tricks on sound design, I also post in more than one group as I assume different groups have different individuals? I used to post every tutorial from my twitter feed to every group. This is when I was first accused of spamming. It was a learning curve and I learnt that this was an annoyance to people and cluttered their feeds. I then decided to post different articles to different groups, 1 maybe 2 a day. I believed this to be acceptable and not too much?

However I have again been accused of spamming? In the interest of keeping the peace I agreed to maybe just post to that group once a week (I feel the group will miss out on helpful tutorials btw ; )) I then posted to a different group and got resistance from the same individual. He belongs to both groups but I’m sure there are many who don’t? I believe posting one maybe two relevant, helpful and engaging tutorials a day to individual groups is acceptable particularly as I engage with others posts in the groups, offering both opinion and advice?

I love the community feel of these pages and the fact that not everyone agrees, I find it really healthy and yes I could just post to my Facebook page, twitter account but it doesn’t always offer up such opportunity for discussion? I have been accused of simply using my posts for self promotion and whilst it is true that the articles are usually tagged to my blog that is more to do with the posts coming from my twitter feed but I digress ; ) I am, like many other regular posters, fiercly passionate about my chosen area, I genuinely like to share info and join in healthy discussion, belong to communities and participate

so how much is too much? I and others I’m sure would welcome the feedback? Does the tone of objection need to be so passive aggressive as if by posting we are somehow messing with the community, cheating them and cluttering their feeds? as long as the content is relevant and helpful surely the community is benefiting or have we got this wrong?



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