Neil 2Hi & welcome back to the AAA Blog

This post has arrisen from a conversation (or rather lack of conversation) with a client regarding a production I have been working on for him. He asked me to arrange and produce a childrens christmas track which I set about doing . I sent him a first draft and he wasn’t overly keen, I was disapointed & wandered where I had gone wrong  but then I thought “maybe I should actually talk to the guy?!”

Our  conversations from the start had been through email trails, wetransfer and youtube. I had set about making a track that I believed to be the sum of these virtual trails of communication It turns out somewhere along the line the I had gone off trail! The client wasn’t annoyed, he still liked my production but my work is redundant if it doesn’t meet the clients expectations or indeed surpass them.

So I did what I should have done from the get go, I called him! I physically picked up my phone dialled his number and called him and guess what? He answered! So we spoke about the track, what he wanted from it, where I was meeting his requirements and where I had wandered off track. We spoke about other similar tracks for reference. In that 15 minute conversation I learnt more about what the client wanted of this project than in all the email trails, wetransfers, web URLs put together.

The moral of the story (or in this case the blog) is that although we live in a world vastly different from our grandparents or even parents where communication can be done efficiently without having to even leave your room there is no substitute for a real conversation. It is only through actual conversation you get a feel for someones passions, likes & dislikes, they’re actual point of view on something without hiding behind an avatar. In this modern age where the art of true conversation in business may be dying it is not yet dead so use it wisely : )


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