Hi & welcome to another AAA Sound Design Top Tip

The Toms are often overlooked when Eqing but it is important to get the Eqing right for those intricate drum fills and to give the kit presence in the mix. As with the rest of the kit EQ on their own and then as part of the whole kit

Top Tip 1 : Cut the really low end – Although you want the “Boom of the Toms you don’t want ny muddiness so apply a Low Cut Filter around the 50HZ mark, maybe a bit lower

Top Tip 2 : You’ll generally find the “Boom” of Toms between the 70HZ – 150HZ range. Use a Bell EQ to sweep these frequencies with a fairly narrow bandwidth and a 6dB gain untill you find the sweet spot and then decrease the gain to 3dB and widen the bandwidth

Top Tip 3 : You’ll find that the “Thwack” of the Toms lives around the 8KHZ range. Sweep with a Bell EQ untill you find the best place to accentuate the hit of the Tom

Top Tip 4 : Apply a High Cut Filter around the 16KHZ range. Some would argue there are parts of the Tom here but I find little that would benefit a mix

Top Tip 5 : You can generally cut most of the frequencies between the 300HZ and 5KHZ range. These frequencies add little to the character of the Toms and will get in the way of some of the other instruments

As with all EQing use this as a guide. All Toms are different and within the Tom family you obviously have Floor, Rack etc. They will all operate at slightly different frequencies so take the time to make sure they are EQ’d correctly

I hope this Tom EQ tutorial has been helpful, please check back next week for another EQ tutorial



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