Hi & welcome to another AAA Sound Design Top Tip

As well as the Drums you may have some percussion in your track. Its important that these don’t get in the way of the rest of the mix. EQing them the correct way is a great start. Even by my tutorials standards this one is fairly short. I’m giving you the basics and then you can go and try it out for yourselves.

Top Tip 1 : Cut the really low end – All of it! Percussion is very much about the sparkle in the high frequencies, ear candy if you like. Anything below 3KHZ is generally of no good to me. The percussion will get in the way of other instruments in the track and thats what you don’t want. Aply a Low Cut Filter around the 3KHZ range to get rid of all the lower frequencies.

Top Tip 2 : Between 6 and 10KHZ you’ll more than likely find the tambourine so sweep with a Bell EQ, narrow bandwidth 6dB gain untill you find the tambourine and bring down to a 3dB gain with a fairly wide bandwidth

Top Tip 3 : Increase the Highs. This is where the percussion lives in the mix so use a high shelf filter above 10-12KHZ to bring out the percussive parts

That really is it for me on this one. I’m not being lazy but this is how I’d EQ percussion. You don’t always want to overcomplicate things, these are the fundementals of EQing these instruments so use this as a guide and energise those high frequencies!

I hope this tutorial has been helpful, please check back next week for the next tutorial



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