Hi & welcome to another AAA Sound Design Top Tip If you have a piano in your track this is probably going to be one of the hardest things to EQ. It has a very wide frequency range and the trick is to have the Piano present without interfeering with the other instruments Top Tip 1 : Cut the really low end – Anything below 100HZ can generally be cut, there is little of any use below these frequenies. Use a Low Cut Filter

Top Tip 2 : If your Piano is lacking bottom end an increase in the 100-250HZ range may fix this. Use a Bell EQ to sweep the frequencies around this area. Use a narrow bandwidth with a 6dB gain and when you find the right spot decrease to around 3dB   Top Tip 3 : If you want to add presence in the mix use a Bell EQ to sweep around the 1-6KHZ range and add a bit of an EQ increase here Top Tip 4 : Add a bit of clarity to your Piano tones by boosting around the 6-8KHZ range Top Tip 5 : The muddiness of the piano will live around the 250HZ – 1KHZ range so cut the frequencies in this area using a wide bandwidth Bell Curve EQ As I said earlier the paino will often take up a lot of space in the mix so some of my advice for boosting frequencies may work better if you oppositely cut the frequencies around these areas. EQ in the mix to see what sounds best, the key is to give the piano ists own space and presence without getting in the way of the other components of the mix I hope this tutorial has been helpful, please check back next week for another EQ tutorial Regards Neil Subscribe to the AAA Sound Design Blog Today & Receive  A FREE eBook!!! (Click on image below)